Available with rosewood or maple fretboard, one or two pickups!
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Deluxe model features a fully engraved solid mahogany body with featuring an elegant hand rubbed finish on interior and exterior body, nice 22 medium fret Tele style neck (maple or rosewood fretboard available), GFS Modern Vintage humbucking pickups (with push/pull coil tap on tone pot), vintage Kluson style split key tuners, vintage ash tray Tele style bridge with brass compensated saddles (classic look but modern ability to intonate each string), full size alpha pots, all chrome hardware and of course fully setup to arrive playing, looking and sounding fantastic!

Let me just start by saying this: You may see other Cigar Box Guitars kicking around on the internet, but many of those instruments are tacked together pieces of scrap wood that may make good conversation pieces but can NOT really be played, mine certainly CAN! This is a serious, pro quality guitar that can keep up with anything on stage, studio or elsewhere, its kinda like a cross between a Gibson ES-335 and a Strat/Tele and then some, you get the big fat humbucking tones and warmth of the semi-hollow mahogany body, but with the added bite and quack of a Tele, especially when you split the pickup down to a single coil with the coil tap switch on the tone pot, VERY versatile guitar!

Heres a quick demo of one in action:

This is a hand made (by ME, Carl of Carl's Custom Guitars, you are dealing directly with the builder here, no middle-men), FULLY PLAYABLE, DELUXE MODEL 6 string electric Cigar Box Guitar with a solid mahogany interior/exterior body, 3 saddle fully adjustable Tele bridge with compensated brass saddles for great tone and perfect intonation, 25.5" scale neck with 22 medium frets (available in rosewood or maple fretboard) and vintage Kluson style split key tuners.  This guitar is all setup and ready to play right out of the box, looks, plays and sounds GREAT, includes everything shown in the pictures: volume and tone controls with chrome knobs, quality split key Kluson style tuners, strap buttons, all chrome hardware (including the hinges and clasp on the cigar box!), hand rubbed antiqued finish on body interior and exterior), neck plate and screws, mighty fine GFS Modern Vintage humbucker pickup (or pickups if you choose the 2 pickup option) with push/pull coil tap on tone pot, input jack and plate and even rubber feet on the body which act as its own built in guitar stand, very cool!!!

Please note: I also sell just these bodies with standardized Fender neck pockets so you can add your own neck and build your own Cigar Box Guitar, see my other listings...

Long before the days of internet shopping and large musical superstores many people had to work with whatever limited resources they had available to produce homegrown musical instruments. There is a long tradition of crudely made cigar box "guitars" which were basically a cigar box tacked to a piece of wood for a neck with some wire attached to pluck on, a lot of fun for the front porch but not something you can realistically plug into an amp and rip into on stage, what I have done here is taken that classic concept and brought it into the 21st century!!! 

Yes, there is a VERY real guitar built around this wooden cigar box, and yes it REALLY opens, revealing the solid mahogany body (a GREAT guitar tone-wood!), you can even still keep some cigars in there hehe! The dimensions of the box are 2.5x6&5/8x9.75 inches. Again, this is a handmade custom instrument that is fully capable of being played everywhere from strumming on your couch to a pro stage rig at full volume (and everywhere in between), its a surprisingly versatile instrument, has the warmth of a semi hollow body guitar combined with the bite of a solid body!

I also have added the extra option of ordering this guitar with one or two pickups (two pickup model adds a matching GFS Vintage Modern single coil sized humbucker in the neck position and a three way mini toggle) ...Happy shopping ;-)

Deluxe Engraved Handcrafted 6 String Electric Cigar Box Guitar

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